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  Jewelry Artist 

Janice's work encompasses a wide range of techniques using precious metals and a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Often her pieces incorporate unusual elements collected from her travels, which give her work an exotic quality and an aura of antiquity. Many of her pieces contain hidden inscriptions and invocations of inspiration. Her attempt is to bring together symbolism and allegory in the creation of a keepsake that contains meaning to the wearer.

Janice scouts the world for gemstones and interesting objects which eventually find their way into her work. India and Asia are of particular interest to her. Here she has found an amazing culture rich in color and symbolism. You will see references to the color and symbols in many of her pieces. It might be as simple as an old coin or a particular deity image, or even a fragment found in a trinket shop, all inform her work.

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Janice has met many friendly people on her journeys that keep her coming back to these unusual places. 

Being an animal lover, Janice stops to observe and photograph animals captured at quiet moments.

Many deities are represented in animal and symbol forms.

There is color and meaning wherever you turn.

Buddha is seen in many poses. Look for him in her Deity Collection. 


Janice holds first place in The Saul Bell Design Award Competition for the year 2011 and has been featured in publications that include Lark Books, Art Box Japan and Lapidary Journal. Currently Janice teaches all aspects of metalsmithing and stone setting at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

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