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    Pluto is considered a "dwarf planet," It is positioned at the outer edge of the Solar System, and was discovered in 1930 after the invention of the telescope. Of all the major bodies, Pluto is the smallest and furthest away from the Sun.
    The Pluto Cuff Bracelet is solid sterling silver. It's inside walls have a rounded off edge which make it a very comfortable on the wrist. The surface of the bracelet was treated with special files to create a cross-hatch texture. After completion it was oxidized black.
    The bracelet's width is 10.3mm and it is 10 gauge in thickness. The inside dimension is 2 1/2" and it's weight is 36.487 grams or 1.287 ounces.
    A substantial weight and a comfortable fit make this bracelet great for everyday wear. Available in other sizes. Please send a measurement of your wrist when ordering a special size.
    *Complimentary gift wrap available upon request!
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