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Featured Gemstone For March. Tourmaline.

On a recent trip to India this delicious tourmaline slice caught my eye. I had to have it. My gem dealer was hesitant to sell it. I convinced him that I would use it well.

In this ring I have set an exquisite tourmaline slice into fine silver. A second bezel made of 22kt. gold was added and encases tiny diamond cubes. I then set an off white diamond into a 18kt gold tube setting. The ring shank was textured with a special hammer. The whole piece was then oxidized black. To create a "Medieval Effect" the gold bezel was textured with a chasing tool. The Tourmaline Slice measures 15mm x 16mm x 3mm. The diamond cubes measure approx. 2mm off square and the tube set diamond is 2.75mm.

This ring has been sold. There are more tourmaline rings to choose from in my shop

Tourmaline was first discovered by Dutch traders off the West Coast of Italy in the late 1600's or early 1700's. The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese term “turmali,” which was the name given to all colored crystals on the island of Sri Lanka at that time. This all inclusive name indicates the inability of ancient gem dealers to differentiate tourmaline from other stones. In fact, at one time in history, pink and red tourmaline were thought to be rubies. Pink tourmaline tends to be pinker in color than ruby. However, their similarities in appearance are so strong that the stones in the Russian crown jewels believed to be rubies for centuries, are now thought to be tourmalines.

I do love tourmaline in all of the rich colors that it is found in. The name Rubellite comes from the Latin word rubellus, meaning “reddish,” and refers to the similarity of its color to that of the Ruby. In this bold statement ring I have Bezel set a beautiful rich raspberry tourmaline slice into sterling silver. I surrounded the gem with pave set 1.5 mm black diamonds and a mix of 1.5 mm red rubies and pink sapphires. The ring was completely hand fabricated and then textured with special hammers. The ring shank was treated with a course file to render a cross hatch pattern. After completion all was oxidized black to add drama to the piece. The ring measures a size 7 3/4 and can be resized. The tourmaline slice measures 18 mm x 23 mm and is 4 mm in depth.

This ring is available for purchase in my shop On Etsy.

Rose cut Raspberry Tourmaline set with pave yellow sapphire.

Green Tourmaline Slice bezel set in 22kt gold with pave yellow sapphire.

Available for sale in my shop on Etsy.

Green rose cut tourmaline set in 22kt gold and oxidized sterling silver. Available in my shop on Etsy.

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