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Partial Solar Eclipse Pendant

Constellation Jewelry

Partial solar eclipses happen when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth, but the Moon only partially covers the Sun's disk. During a partial solar eclipse, the Moon, the Sun and Earth don't align in a perfectly straight line, and the Moon casts only the outer part of its shadow on the Earth.

In this pendant Janice has combined oxidized sterling with 14kt yellow gold. This piece was completely hand fabricated. First a disc was cut from a sterling sheet then a moon shape was cut from a 14kt gold sheet. The two metals were soldered together, a hole was drilled, a loop was added and the chain was attached. After completion the sterling part of the disc was oxidized black. This playful pendant can be ordered in several variations. The variations come in an assortment of metals, oxidized sterling with bright sterling, oxidized sterling with yellow gold, oxidized sterling with green gold and oxidized sterling with rose gold.

The size of the disc is slightly under 3/4". The length of the cable chain can be ordered in 18" or 20" lengths.

Available in our Etsy Shop in Constellation Collection OnTheWrist.

Click the link for more details.

For more information on partial solar eclipses click Partial Solar Eclipse.

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