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A Story of Lockets

Traditionally lockets were given as a keepsake in memory of a loved one. A locket can make a wonderful gift to commemorate a special occasion such as a birth, a first communion or wedding. Usually keepsake lockets have a space in which to place a small photo, a lock of hair, tiny love letter or other small memorabilia.

By the mid 19th century lockets became very popular.

Over the course of history, lockets have been worn by men as well as women. When carried by soldiers of World War I and ll they were kept close, filled with precious meaning.

Heart lockets represented love. They celebrated union and were often engraved with initials or full names.

Lockets have been used in mourning. Some lockets even contained ashes. They preserved the memory of the dead, while keeping their physical remains close representing aspiration and love; loss and longing. “They’re heirlooms that represent a moment in time."

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